Untitled (Tattoo), 2011

HD-video loop 14.46 mins.

"What can touch us, other than the image? Beyond the eye. How does a photograph touch us in other senses, deeper in our individual empathy? This image does exactly that. There is the image, which resembles a static photo. One can wonder about the slender back with the mighty tree upon it. A miraculous and impressive image, which is actually sublime; the tree takes over the back as growing nature. It becomes the back, the backbone, the support. The tree spreads out its branches like the nerve system in the brain, and its roots like feet. Various anthropologists and psychologists have compared the stance of man to an essential rise from the earth to the sky.

Then, the tree appears to breathe; through the skin that lives, the heart that beats. It’s not a photograph, but a video: alive. That quality mirrors the living quality of a tree. Man and tree are breathing. What is slender, is also strong, and the tree gains a beauty through the slender, the vulnerable. As in all nature, contrasts are being abolished." - Erik A. de Jong

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